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Retail Enablement

Your business can’t afford downtime. Let Pelotech bulletproof your e-commerce offering. With rapid scaling, ironclad security, and turn-key deployment of new offerings to market, we’ve got your business covered in today’s retail landscape.


How Pelotech and AWS Power Retail

As specialists in Containerization and Developer experience, we are uniquely positioned to ensure success for retail organizations moving into the public cloud. AWS offers best of breed services to enable secure, dynamic, intelligent retail and e-commerce offerings. Reach out to us to find out how we can leverage AWS technologies below can supercharge your business.


ECS is AWS’s main approach to containerized deployments. Leveraging this fully managed service by AWS allows your team to concentrate on application functionality and leave the infrastructure details to AWS. Containerizing workloads has major benefits for Retail. The ability to rapidly scale and deploy can be a make or break for e-commerce applications.


EKS is AWS’s implementation of Kubernetes, a comprehensive and powerful orchestration engine. For applications which must be deployed on an open source technology, or migrations of existing Kubernetes workloads into AWS, EKS is the go-to solution Containerizing workloads has major benefits for Retail. The ability to rapidly scale and deploy can be a make or break for e-commerce applications.


Kinesis is a managed data streaming service by AWS that offers real-time data processing, scalability, data streaming, integration with other AWS services, and real-time fraud detection. It helps retailers and e-commerce businesses process high volumes of data in real-time, gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns, and personalize the shopping experience. Kinesis can scale automatically to handle peak traffic and large volumes of data, and stream data from various sources such as mobile and IoT devices.


DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service by AWS that offers scalability, performance, a flexible data model, security, and integration with other AWS services. It is a suitable choice for retail and e-commerce applications that experience sudden spikes in traffic and data, and require fast and responsive data access.

IoT Core

IoT Core allows retailers to connect and manage their IoT devices securely at scale. It provides a secure and reliable communication channel between devices and the cloud, allowing retailers to collect and analyze real-time data from their devices. By leveraging IoT data, retailers can optimize inventory, improve the supply chain, personalize the shopping experience, and enhance customer engagement.


Lambda can be used to run code in response to IoT device data. For example, retailers can use Lambda to trigger actions such as sending notifications to customers, updating inventory levels, and adjusting prices based on real-time demand.

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Success Stories

These are just a few examples of how Pelotech has helped Retailers by effectively implementing AWS Cloud services.

Client Success Story: Leveraging internal data for retail sales intelligence

The Client: One of the big three wireless telecoms- teamed up with Pelotech to optimize their internal development processes and accelerate their move into new markets. With over 75,000 retail locations and nationwide cellular services, Client needed a solution that would enable them to quickly roll out new offerings while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The Business Case: Client was sitting on some rich location-based datasets. They were looking to use cell tower data to determine new retail markets. More specifically they needed actionable data visualization to inform strategic sales/marketing decisions.

The Nitty Gritty: Using AWS, Pelotech’s team of cloud experts delivered a comprehensive, structured data storage and access solution that included a full GitOps deployment model using Gitlab, Amazon EKS, and Amazon RDS. To facilitate data migration, Pelotech developed an automated data-migration CLI application and integrated it with Amazon Redshift, Amazon EC2, and Amazon EKS. Finally, to allow for flexible and actionable data visualization, Pelotech implemented a fully integrated API/DB/Admin-UI application, leveraging NextJS, TypeORM, and React-Admin.

The Outcome: With Pelotech’s guidance, Client was able to activate their data to make strategic sales/marketing decisions and capture an entirely new revenue stream.

Client Success Story: Building a Mobile API for Leading Electronics Retailer

The Client: A leading brick and mortar video game retailer with over 4,573 stores worldwide.

The Business Case: The largest video game retailer in the world, a traditional brick and mortar organization, had a clumsy mobile app with technical limitations that were limiting sales volume and ultimately revenue growth. Client needed to enhance their e-commerce mobile application to boost online retail sales.

The Nitty Gritty: To meet this challenge, Pelotech re-architected and migrated their mobile sales channel using AWS and the Java Spring Boot framework. The modernized API was deployed on an AWS EKS cluster and integrated with various improvements including secrets management with SOPS, Telepresence for improved developer experience, and improved configuration management using ConfigMaps as a replacement for Spring Cloud Config server. Pelotech also provided consulting on best practices for autoscaling nodes.

Pelotech implemented best-practice DevOps and customer experience for this initiative. Upon project completion, Pelotech orchestrated hand-off to the internal team. Pelotech trained the internal team to take ownership and maintain project momentum through a newly established engineering culture.

The Outcome: With Pelotech’s expertise, the mobile API and app quickly became a significant channel in Client’s overall retail sales, driving increased online sales and revenue growth.

Client Success Story: Building a custom e-commerce catalog solution for an American online retailer

The Client: A leading American online retailer of prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses, headquartered in New York City. Originally founded as an online retailer, Client now operates approximately 160 brick and mortar retail locations across the U.S. and Canada.

The Business Case: Client’s legacy e-commerce platform lacked flexibility to easily create new product galleries beyond mens and women’s. Using AWS, Pelotech created a solution allowing the marketing team to launch more dynamic and diverse galleries (sales, seasonal, new offerings etc.) without waiting for IT’s time intensive deployment process.

The Nitty Gritty: Pelotech provided a custom solution by developing a new API backed by Amazon DynamoDB to create and manage product galleries. Amazon DynamoDB proved to be the perfect solution for this problem due to its high performance and data model flexibility.

The Outcome: Pelotech’s solution allowed internal marketing teams to create and manage product galleries in a self-serve fashion without requiring engineering assistance.

Client Success Story: Developed critical product software for VR company

The Client: A creator and wholesaler of VR software, hardware, and integrated solutions.

The Business Case: QI had the hardware, but wanted the increased revenue of selling VR content on their hardware. However, they didn’t have an effective way to author/update new content. Using AWS, Pelotech implemented a full content creation application allowing a jump into the software market unlocking a lucrative revenue stream.

The Nitty Gritty: Pelotech implemented a full infrastructure as code style deployment on AWS and instituted a development workflow/pipeline for the internal team. This newly minted process enabled rapid development of an API allowing the new VR product to access user metadata and training content. The content delivery system was deployed as a container in Amazon ECS. Static content was stored in Amazon S3, and application state was maintained in a Amazon PGSQL RDS database. At the end of the engagement, Client’s internal dev teams were coached to seamlessly pick up maintenance and development of the software API.

The Outcome: With Pelotech’s expertise, Client was able to rapidly get their VR product offering to market, while removing all friction for their own development teams. Their teams were empowered to hit the ground running, assuming ownership of the product and software delivery process.

Working with Pelotech

Our Process

‍Pelotech offers a number of engagement models to fit your budget and needs. We’ve outlined a few options and pricing in the following section. In general we like to begin with an assessment of your environment and discussion of your challenges

If together we decide that moving forward with a project makes sense we will work with you to put together a more comprehensive budget and proposal for an engagement.


Whether you’ve got an architecture drafted up or a workload running in production we can help you optimize your application and share our decades of experience across a plethora of customers to help you suss out best practices, gaps, and opportunities.


If your team needs a bit of ongoing support as you develop we can help. Our team of experts can give ongoing advice, feedback and guidance to help you save time and money and develop more robust solutions in less time.


If you need a bit of help getting it all done we can help too. We embed senior and staff level engineers within your organization to help you deliver business critical functionality faster, and accelerate your delivery teams to reduce time to market and capitalize on opportunities faster.

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