Expert Developers: Quality Over Quantity

Pelotech was founded with the vision of applying lean, high speed/high impact startup practices at enterprise scale. We help automate compliance, destroy waste, and accelerate delivery. Our passion is developing elegant solutions for complex problems; it’s an obsession that drives us to never be satisfied with less than astonishing results.

Whether your company is looking to capture all benefits of the cloud (not just cost savings but high impact revenue generation) or has projects mired in technical roadblocks and process challenges, Pelotech is your answer.

We send in a small, elite team of highly experienced, top-shelf developers to assess and rectify. Pelotech offers in-depth expertise, accurate foresight and the kind of spot-on thinking that only comes from years of experience.

We provide horsepower over headcount.

Founders Kav Latiolais and Joachim Hill-Grannec are strategic technologists and passionate problem solvers. Hailing from Microsoft, Nordstrom Innovation Lab, TechStars and StartUp Weekend, they founded Pelotech, in 2012, and have grown to employ a fully distributed team of tech veterans always at the ready to step in and partner with clients to solve complex digital problems.

We are a technology company. Our technologists have deep, practical experience in leading-edge technologies and best practices. We’re not IT managers who sell technology.

We are a partner. We aren’t staff aug and we don’t sell canned solutions. We help you evaluate, analyze, and craft the best solutions and services for your business. We work side by side with you and your teams to build flexible, scalable infrastructure and processes to supercharge your internal teams.

We are a solution provider. We take a holistic approach to solving your problems. We’re not just a vendor. We’re a colleague who works with you to solve business problems.

We are technology agnostic. We’re not tied to any single technology or platform. We can solve your problem no matter where it lies with whatever tool is best for the job.

We are a systems integrator. We don’t just provide a collection of individual technologies. We work with you to integrate them into a single holistic solution.

We are a cost effective technology provider. We’re not a commodity. We’re a strategic technology partner that can help you grow your business.

We are not a body farm. We are an elite group of highly seasoned tech veterans who work closely with your team to solve your issues.

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