AWS Advanced Partners

AWS Advanced Tier Partner

Pelotech has been helping clients adopt state of the art cloud solutions for over a decade. We’re an AWS Advanced tier partner with deep experience helping organizations succeed in the cloud. We can help you select the right architecture. We can guide and support your team in getting the best results or we can leverage our deep expertise to build out a solution for you.

We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies adopt streaming data solutions to feed ERP databases and ensure realtime inventory across their global operations. We’ve helped rapidly growing startups streamline their database strategy to accelerate growth, reduce operational burdens, and deliver better results faster.


Whether it’s relational data, key-value, high speed in-memory, steaming or a document store Pelotech can help you build modern data infrastructure with managed, purpose-built database technology from AWS.

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AWS Streaming

Streaming / Analytics

With our analytics expertise, we’ve helped a number of businesses in terms of successful collection, processing, and analysis of the streaming data in real-time.

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AWS Serverless


With our proven track record of deploying modern on-demand architectures, Pelotech is uniquely positioned to leverage the power of AWS serverless technologies to optimize the efficiency of client workloads.

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AWS Well Architected Review

Well-Architected Review

Conducting an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review will help you optimize your cloud architecture, improve security, reduce risk, achieve cost savings, and accelerate innovation. Reviews require a $5000 investment, which will be returned to qualifying customers in the form of AWS credits.

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AWS Containerized Workloads

Containerized Workloads

We specialize first and foremost in the effective architecture and deployment of containerized workloads. Take advantage of our specialized expertise and experience to ensure that your containerized deployment is a success!

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Retail Enablement

Your business can’t afford downtime. Let Pelotech bulletproof your e-commerce offering. With rapid scaling, ironclad security, and turn-key deployment of new offerings to market, we’ve got your business covered in today’s retail landscape.

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