Case Studies

Pelotech is on the case.

We’re a small team, but we help some pretty big names. Why us? Because when big cloud technology challenges rear their heads, companies of any size—from Fortune 500’s to scrappy startups—want more than a flashy presentation and vague promises. They want deep expertise, personal attention and accountability. How has Pelotech’s skill and expertise been leveraged recently? We’re so glad you asked.

A Clear View to Tomorrow

A leading online eyewear retailer needed a clear vision to build out their second decade of success. Enter Pelotech’s Sean and Dan, who led efforts to develop a best-in-class EKS solution in cluster design and deployment. Now the future’s so bright, it’s a good thing they sell shades.

The Console Contender

A leading brick and mortar video game seller was on the ropes against the demands of digital customers, so they summoned the Pelotech power team of Joachim, Sean and Dan. The tech trio went deep, defining a whole new API engineering culture for the company. The result? A development framework that was both faster and more maintainable, ultimately leading to the deployment of a new mobile application that accounts for 20% of the company’s sales revenue. Now, this company is up and swinging like never before. Codename: Comeback Kid.

The Mobile Motherlode

One of the Big Three wireless telecoms was sitting on some rich data sets. They were looking to utilize the data from cell towers to determine new markets in the home internet game. Pelotech created pipelines to get that data flowing. Ryan F. and Joachim created and deployed backend services and data pipelines, and then steered the adoption of best practices within the internal team. This new infrastructure allowed the company to capture an entirely new revenue stream for their business.

Countdown to Startup

A promising start up innovating a “checkout free” shopping experience engaged Pelotech first on an advisory retainer basis to provide technical guidance and to review and ratify implementation details before launch. That went well, so well, in fact, that they brought us on as full consultants. Kav and Emmanuel set to work fine-tuning the operation from the ground up. They changed their app deployment method to EKS, created the helm chart of node deployment, used Fluxv2 GitOps for helm chart deployment, and for authentication, improved session handling for DynamoDB migration. By the time we were done, this startup was an offer investors couldn’t refuse. It earned the critical MVP status, and the rest is history in the making.

On-Trend, In Time

An online consortium of niche fashion brands was trapped in the past by technical debt. Their cadré of frontend developers had their hands tied by layers of old, inefficient processes. That is, until they hired Pelotech. Emmanuel and Tim acted with surgical precision, identifying unnecessary barriers and giving the frontend team tools to collaborate quickly, reliably, and independently. Greater freedom to operate outside of the backend team’s development cycles made the brand’s marketing more flexible. In the dynamic world of high fashion, that means more profit. Inefficiency is so last year.

An Intercontinental Enterprise

A US-based online work management software company was ready to expand operations across the pond, but was stymied by the complexity of overseas markets. Emmanuel and Ben airdropped to the rescue, launching three new apps directed toward clients in the EU and utilizing EKS solutions to facilitate efficient scalability models. The results: A new world of profits dramatically increasing revenue for the business.

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