AWS Containerized Workloads

Containerized Workloads on AWS

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What Containerized Technology Should We Consider?

There are two major options for containerized solutions on AWS. While we’re happy to discuss specific solutions to fit your unique needs we do have some favorites.


ECS is AWS’s main approach to containerized deployments. Leveraging this fully managed service by AWS allows your team to concentrate on application functionality and leave the infrastructure details to AWS


EKS is AWS’s implementation of Kubernetes, a comprehensive and powerful orchestration engine. For applications which must be deployed on an open source technology, or migrations of existing Kubernetes workloads into AWS, EKS is the go-to solution.

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Working with Pelotech

Our Process

ā€¨Pelotech offers a number of engagement models to fit your budget and needs. We’ve outlined a few options and pricing in the following section. In general we like to begin with an assessment of your environment and discussion of your challenges

If together we decide that moving forward with a project makes sense we will work with you to put together a more comprehensive budget and proposal for an engagement.


Whether you’ve got an architecture drafted up or a workload running in production we can help you optimize your application and share our decades of experience across a plethora of customers to help you suss out best practices, gaps, and opportunities.


If your team needs a bit of ongoing support as you develop we can help. Our team of experts can give ongoing advice, feedback and guidance to help you save time and money and develop more robust solutions in less time.


If you need a bit of help getting it all done we can help too. We embed senior and staff level engineers within your organization to help you deliver business critical functionality faster, and accelerate your delivery teams to reduce time to market and capitalize on opportunities faster.

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